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Does the person in the mirror reflect who you want to be? Do those endless diets and workouts leave you feeling that you’ve taken two steps forward and three steps back? Are you lost in a sea of confusing and conflicting information about how to get in shape? It’s a familiar story, and one that we know from personal experience! You work so hard, you sacrifice so much, and you gain so little – except maybe a few extra pounds when you finally realise your latest gruelling regime is unsustainable. That’s why at Strength Lab we do things a little bit differently…


Burn up to three times more body fat than regular cardio-based activities with our fun and feel-good ICE group fitness classes!

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Weight Training

Learn to lift in a safe and supportive atmosphere. From improving muscle tone to building bulk, Strength Lab’s FIRE program is tailored to you, and clinically proven to deliver rapid results!

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12 Week Challenge

Learn how to nourish your body and exercise efficiently to achieve amazing results you can keep, with our sustainable science-based system!

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