Broken your New Year’s Resolution?

New Years was 3 weeks ago and if you're anything like the myriad of confused people that I have spoken to in the last week, I'm guessing that detox has left you feeling flat and wondering how you are actually going to do life! Or perhaps you've totally got it this year, after all, that small piece of cake for your colleague's birthday and that after work drink won't hurt, will it?! In my experience, the number one reason why people fail when it comes to achieving their health and fitness New Years resolution is that they simply don't have a clue what they actually need to do! If you would like to learn more about what you can do to move towards the body you want in 2017, please come along to my free seminar.

New Year, New You?

Every year, people all around the world vow to get fit, healthy, sexy, or strong in the incoming year.