How to eat and train your way to a hot body!

October 18, 2016
For most people when they decide to “get in shape” they usually do one of the following:
1. hit the gym, spend hours a day on preferred cardio equipment and cut as many calories as possible – and for the first few weeks this might even work 
2. hit the gym, spend hours a day on preferred cardio equipment and increase calories – after all that hard work, that burger was earned!
3. hit the gym, use the pin loaded machines (the pictures show what muscles are being worked) and keep eating the same = science (increased output = better looking body)!
Having done all of the above – I understand the pain and frustration that occurs when you crash and burn after weeks on end of smashing yourself on the treadmill and eating lettuce, or somehow justifying that post workout burger as a reward for working out, or exercising, but not changing what you put in your mouth! None of these worked for me and they won’t work for you either!!!Isabella started her transformation in August and while she’s on her way to rocking a hot dress for her significant birthday in April next year (at her recent check in she was already down 3kg and over 25cm – woot woot) she understands that to achieve the body shape she wants, its going to take longer than 8, 10 or 12 weeks and will be achieved by:
-building lean muscle mass (yep that’s right, she’s been in the weights room squatting like a girl boss)
-improving the food she eats to help her train more intensely and recover better 
-learning new skills and reprogramming old habits that have derailed her success in the past!Not a treadmill or watery lettuce leaf in sight!

I bet you’re wondering how she is getting her results – so here’s a day in the life of Isabella

745am Pre-Workout Shake and 1/2 Banana
8-9am Weights session (1 of 3 sessions each week)
9am Post-Workout Shake and 1/2 Banana
930am Veggie muffins with rye toast
1030am Metabolic Window liquid meal
130pm Turkey with cauli-sotto and flaxseed oil
430pm Iced mocha liquid meal, small apple
730pm Lamb with salad of green beans, pumpkin, red onion, tomato pesto and flaxseed oil
1030pm Mango liquid meal

If you’re wondering if this could also work for you – the answer is yes! PM if you’d like some more details.

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