Help – I’ve tried so many diets, including the starvation diet and nothing is working: the journey of a transformation from someone who’s tried everything!

October 20, 2016

My name is Isabella, I’m 20yrs old and I want to share my transformation story with you.
Weight loss for me has always been a battle! Like most people, I have a dream body I’d love to create, but until recently I haven’t been willing to do what needs to be done to get it!

When I was new to the fitness world, I was shy and ashamed of my body and this played a massive part in the way I exercised. I never wanted to be seen and was always making excuses. By the time I turned 17 I had tried so many different diets, training plans, meal replacement shakes, boot camps and even created my own home gym because i was convinced I’d do better at home!

I’ve tried fat burning supplements, fat burning tablets, detoxing drinks, stopped eating carbs and counted calories. I’ve been told so many different things by so many personal trainers (I’ve had a lot), and read so many conflicting things on the internet. I’ve been willing to try anything no matter the cost. And the truth is, I’ve been in over my head and full of denial.

When I was 18 yrs old I went to my older brother Steven for help – he’s a fitness nut. We started training together at a local gym, but then I got busy at work and I started to drop the ball. When Steven noticed this he suggested that we join a different gym to keep me motivated. And to my surprise it actually worked. I was determined that this time was going to be different. 

I put myself on a ridiculously strict diet of 3 meals a day consisting of a protein shake and banana for breakfast, a protein bar and apple for lunch and a can of tuna with brown rice for dinner. I also worked out twice a day. I’d do 3.5 – 10k runs every morning with sprint intervals then meet my brother at the gym and we’d do weights.

After losing 3kg in the first week I was beyond excited. I kept this diet and training plan going for nearly 9wks and lost 8kg, but I was severely exhausted. When I started eating solid food the weight piled on again and was joined by a few extra kilos. I was absolutely guttered and depressed. I was stuck in a rut and kept saying “ill start next week”, “ill do better” and the frustrating thing was, I didn’t know where to start or what to do.

Isabella has just completed her first 12 week program with Strength Lab. She has dropped over 40cm and 4kg exercising no more than 4 hours a week and eating 6 meals a day. Isabella has also signed up to complete a Wall of Fame Transformation in 2017 – committing her to a yearlong program focusing on her training, nutrition and mindset because she understands that permanent changes take time.

Isabella, I am beyond proud of you and your transformation so far, keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to watching your progress over the next 12 months.

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