We made training fit into the busy schedule

January 24, 2018

Tim Ferris wrote (in The 4 Hour Body):

“How do you become more productive?”

Richard Branson leant back and thought for a second. The tropical sounds of his private oasis, Necker Island, murmured in the background. Twenty people sat around him rapt attention, wondering what a billionaire’s answer would be to one of the big questions–perhaps the  biggest question–of business. The group had been assembled by marketing impresario Joe Polish to brainstorm growth options for Richard’s philanthropic Virgin Unite. It was one of his many new ambitious projects. Virgin Group already had more than 300 companies, more than 50,000 employees, and $25 billion per year in revenue. In other words, Branson had personally built an empire larger than the GDP of some developing countries. Then he broke the silence:

Work out.

He was serious and elaborated: working out gave him at least four additional hours of productive time every day. 


Strength Lab have made fitness fit into the busy schedule

Too busy to find time for training and eating well?

Too tired at the end of the day?

Cook your own meals? Yeah right – it’s UberEATS again!

Meetings get booked OVER every gym session!!!!

You’ve Tried!

It lasts a week, maybe?

But you’re soooo busy!

And its hard!!

You so don’t want to go into the class, and be reminded you’re so unfit!

I get it!

Guess what!

You don’t need to perform at the level you do in the office.

Our gym is full of other busy executives, business owners and managers, who have no time, who struggle to get here, who do not enjoy it (at the start  

But together, we’re changing lifestyles to create energy, balance and productivity and get ahead in life, in business and health.

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