How much can you change in a year? 

December 19, 2016

This girl’s transformation has been off the charts. And I’m not just talking about the results you can see! 

When I first started working with Emma Colborne she had a “challenge” mindset. As long as she was doing an 8, 10 or 12 week transformation challenge she could achieve results. And at the end of the challenge, the results slowly went away and she was again disappointed with herself. 

You see the funny thing about living this way is that you will do what ever it takes to win. After all, anyone can cut calories and do hours of exercise for a period of time. But what happens if you haven’t changed your habits? If you haven’t learned how to train and eat to keep your results? Well, the weight reappears and usually with friends! 

Emma has worked so hard this year, learning how to fuel her body, learning how to lift weights (and like a lady boss I might add), and learning to understand what is keeping her from having a body that she is happy to live in. Has it been easy? Hell no. Has she had doubts? Absolutely! But I’m sure you would agree that this girl is well on her way!!!! 

And to make sure that these positive habits and new lifestyle continues, Emma has signed up for next year’s Wall of Fame transformation team which will culminate in a photoshoot at the end of 2017! Can’t wait to share the results!

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