I did it for the “OMG, I just bought white jeans”!!

December 08, 2016
There’s something about buying white clothes that feels special and this is further enhanced when that item of clothing happens to be white jeans. Perhaps I speak for myself, but there is just something about seeing a woman in white jeans that makes me double take every time. Always with a little bit of ‘you go girl’ and a little bit of envy!!!
So when I got this selfie last week from my super star client @emi_jane91 you could say that I was a little bit happy, I might have yelled yes loudly and fist pumped the air! So proud of you girl, over 30kg down, in control of your food and your mind, not relying on “another challenge” to help you get into shape. This is what a healthy life looks like, you are dominating! #whitehot #whitejeans #fatloss#weightloss #courage #mindset #adelaidept #hiit #gains #powerchick #powerlifterinthemaking #yas 
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